Alright, I admit it – this is another (but VERY COOL) tourist trap! We love going up to Dodeconese Blvd to see the Sponge Docks (about 24 miles to the north). It is definitely a good day when you can see this little village of Greek ancestry. The history here is amazing.

If you love Greek food — can you say Baklava? (BAHK-la-vah) this is the place to find the real deal. This village is steeped in Greek culture and it’s amazing food. There are many restaurants and bakeries along with the trinket shops but most importantly the sponge stores. But if you’d rather have seafood, try Rusty Belly’s.

Natural sponges of every variety can be found right here, directly from the source. You’ll find everything from silk sponges (for cosmetic purposes) to hefty duty types (for washing cars) to vases (yes, for plants!) – every imaginable use of a natural sponge straight from the Gulf. This wonder of nature are perfect for daily use in your bath or shower, too! They do not harbor bacteria like the grocery store manufactured counterpart.

Insider Tip: hang around until late afternoon on a weekday to see the sponge boats arrive with the day’s haul and watch them sort and clean the sponges!