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Fun Days & Nights

Fun Days & Nights

Close to Sunsets On The Sand are a few of fun places that are *very* easy walking distance (um – just about a few yards north on Gulf Blvd and across the street). One is called Island Marine ( which has rentals for Bikes, Boats, Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Scooters, and Scoot Coupes. They also offer […]


Mostly everything is open, from restaurants, to salons, etc. Here in FL the locals are ready to welcome visitors! Get away from your lock-down woes and join us for the Sun & Fun in Florida! When I was little and had some bug that made me stay in bed a few days and then was […]

Busch Gardens

10165 N McKinley Dr Tampa, FL 33612 1-813-884-4FUN (4386) A unique experience that is not just a botanical garden, but zoo and amusement park (ie: exciting rides and roller coasters). We’ve never been, but it is a major local attraction that gets a lot of buzz. Price is $$$ – check the website before heading […]

Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

Alright, I admit it – this is another (but VERY COOL) tourist trap! We love going up to Dodeconese Blvd to see the Sponge Docks (about 24 miles to the north). It is definitely a good day when you can see this little village of Greek ancestry. The history here is amazing. If you love […]

Johns Pass Boardwalk

OK – so it’s the local ‘tourist trap’ – but a good one! There are lots of restaurants, of course, and the requisite trinket and t-shirt shops There are also several great beachwear outlets (we shop there!), Lori’s for your natural sponges, soaps and lotions (Mary’s favorite), and a ton of outlets offering boat rides, […]

Local Attractions

Is it ever possible to want to go somewhere other than your own beach? Well, we wouldn’t think so, but just in case it rains….we’re talking about places you might want to go: Golf and Putt Putt McGough Nature Park Seaside Seabird Sanctuary Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks Johns Pass Boardwalk Splash Harbor Water Park Dolphin […]